Accepted Papers and Posters

List of accepted PAPERS:

  • "A Survey on Requirements Notations in Software Engineering Research" Authors: Larissa Mangolim Amaral, Fabio Levy Siqueira and Anarosa Alves Franco Brandao
  • "Studying Industry Practices of Accessibility Requirements in Agile Development" Authors: Darliane Miranda and Joao Araujo
  • "Elicitation of Adaptive Requirements Using Creativity Triggers: A Controlled Experiment" Authors: Fabian Kneer, Klaus Schmid and Erik Kamsties
  • "Requirements Engineering for Autonomous Vehicles: A Systematic Literature Review" Authors: Quelita S. Ribeiro, Moniky Ribeiro and Jaelson Castro
  • "A Bayesian Network-based model to understand the role of soft requirements in technology acceptance: the Case of the NHSCOVID-19 Test and Trace App" Authors: Luis Hernan Garcia Paucar, Nelly Bencomo, Alistair Sutcliffe and Peter Sawyer

List of accepted POSTERS:

  • "Impact of Korean Culture on the Selection of RE Elicitation Methods" Authors: Alexander Uder, Isabel John and Seok-Won Lee
  • "A User-Centric Threat Model and Repository for Cyber Attacks" Authors: Prerit Datta, Sara Sartoli, Luis Felipe Gutierrez, Faranak Abri, Akbar Siami Namin and Keith S. Jones