May 9, 2018

Code Ocean – Share your Code

One way to enhance the visibility and impact of research is to share associated code, software simulations, algorithms, methods, data, and analyses to understand what produced the results in the scholarly article.  Through a new IEEE reproducibility initiative with Code Ocean, a cloud-based computational reproducibility platform, authors can now upload, run, and publish code associated with their research, all without having to install anything on their own computer.

Once the code is published on Code Ocean, it will be linked to the associated article in IEEE XploreÒ.  This new service from IEEE enables authors to:

  • Increase credibility, visibility, and impact of their research.
  • Receive credit for published code in addition to the article. Each published code receives a distinct digital object identifier (DOI) from Code Ocean, for proper attribution and credit when it is cited in other research.
  • Advance reproducibility & reuse of research and increase the pace of innovation.

Users of IEEE Xplore can easily search articles with associated code using keywords or facets. Such articles are identified by a unique Code icon in the search results page. Users can also browse and run the code directly from within IEEE Xplore, within a dedicated Code & Datasets tab on the article page.

Learn more at

Sign up for a free account to upload your code at

Authors presenting their research at the WCCI 2018 are encouraged to upload code & simulations associated with their work to the Code Ocean platform before the conference to enable other attendees to easily understand the article and build on their research.

IEEE team will be available at the WCCI conference in Rio from July 8-13. Please stop by their booth to learn more.