May 9, 2018

Guidelines to Session Chairs of Oral Presentation Sessions

First of all, thank you very much for serving as a session chair of the IEEE WCCI 2018 conference. Here is a guide provided to assist you in the chairing of an Oral Presentation Session at the conference.

  • Please confirm that all presenters are present before the session starts. An absentee sheet will be provided per session for the session chairs to fill in the absentee(s), if any.
  • If a presentation is cancelled (due to the absence in the presenter or otherwise), please leave the respective time slot as a gap in the schedule. Remaining presentations SHOULD NOT BE MOVED IN TIME in order to facilitate the audience to listen to the target presentations as scheduled. The session chair is nevertheless encouraged to make the best use of this time gap, for example, either to allow the previous presenter extra time for presentation or to conduct a brainstorming discussion session according to the Session Chairs’ discretion.
  • Each oral presentation will have a total of 20 minutes (1 minute preparation time + 15 minutes presentation + 4 minutes Q&A). Please strictly keep track of the time limits and notify the presenter when it is time for the end of the presentation.
  • Please manage the Q&A session after every oral presentation.
  • Please return the completed absentee sheet to the Registration Counter once the session is over.
  • Each session room will provide an overhead projector and screen for the presenters to use. However, authors must bring their own laptop or to borrow one from another author presenting in the same session. Please try to ensure that all presenters conduct a check that their slides work properly with the audio visual system in the room before the start of the session. If there is any technical problem, please inform the conference helpers for further procedures.
  • Conference helpers will be there to assist you and inform you of any last minute changes or matters.

Your collaboration is essential for the success of the conference and your support is greatly appreciated.