November 22, 2017

Panel Sessions

1) Almost a Century of Lifetime — Lotfi Zadeh and the Fuzzy Sets

In this panel we will commemorate the life and work of Lotfi A. Zadeh, the founder of “Fuzzy Sets” and “Soft Computing”.Born in 1921 and passed away in 2017 he was a contemporary witness of the 20th century.
He was familiar with various cultures, nations and scientific systems. He was a mathematical orientated electrical engineer, and a visionary scientist. The panelists will delineate his way in science and engineering, his foundation of scientific theories and his role in science education in the mirror of their own experience. They are from different nations, states, cultures and therefore they will show various “case studies” how Lotfi A. Zadeh had influenced the life and/or the research of other scientists.
James C. Bezdek (Pensacola, Florda, USA)
Piero P. Bonissone (San Diego, CA, USA),
Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier (Paris, France)
James M. Keller Missouri, Columbia, USA)
Laszlo Koczy (Budapest, Hungary),
Vladik Kreinovich (El Paso, Texas, USA)
Rudolf Kruse (Magdeburg, Germany),
Irina Perfilieva (Ostrava, Czech Republic)
Armando Rocha (Brazil) (?)
Enrique Ruspini (Palo Alto, CA, USA),
Rudolf Seising (Munich, Germany)

2) CI and Big Data

Organized by Dr. Danil Prokhorov, Toyota R & D
The world has been drowning in data since decades ago, but only recently big data became the topic of everyday’s life.  Individuals and companies alike are exposed or purposefully hunting for data of all kinds as some aptly stated that the data is new black gold. Smart environments and mobility of the future will depend critically on our ability to maintain and analyze big data. We invite expert data scientists to share their opinion about various kinds of big data, associated challenges and opportunities to harness the data’s full power, as well as results of big data studies around the world.
The panel format is planned to be 15-20 min/presentation followed by a discussion and Q & A.
Confirmed panelists are:
Prof. Irwin King, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Prof. Cesare Alippi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Prof. Don MacKenzie, University of Washington, USA
Prof. Adnan Yazici, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
Contact the organizer ( if you would like to take part in this panel.

3) CI and Robotics

Organized by Dr. Danil Prokhorov, Toyota R & D
Robots have always been a fascination to humans, promising to deliver us from dangerous and boring activities. Robots have already been working long and hard in manufacturing, building all kinds of goods. Recent progress in computing promises to deliver on arguably the most challenging promise of robotics: creation of intelligent and versatile personal robots to help humans in everyday activities, including daily chores, companionship, ground and aerial mobility. We invite experts to voice their opinion and share their stories on latest exciting developments in CI for robotics. The panel format is planned to be 15-20 min/presentation followed by a discussion and Q & A.
Confirmed panelists are:
Prof. Dario Floreano, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr. Ildefons Magrans de Abril, ARAYA, Inc.
Dr. E. Jared Shamwell, US Army Research Lab
Dr. Danil Prokhorov, Toyota R & D
Contact the organizer ( if you would like to take part in this panel.

4) CI and Smart Grid

In this panel we will overview applications of CI in the area of power systems with focus on growing the level of smartness in the grid.
Our confirmed speakers include:
Prof. G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Clemson University
Dr. Paul Werbos, IntControl, LLC
Dr. Anthony Kuh, NSF
Prof. Haibo He, University of Rhode Island
Prof. Stefano Squartini, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy
Contact Prof. Haibo He ( if you want to know more or would like to take part in this panel.

5) Industrial Applications of CI

Organized by Dr. Catherine Huang, McAfee, USA
The industry panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities of computational Intelligence in real world applications. We invite the leaders from industry and academia to share the latest ideas, trends and product innovations in computational Intelligence. The panel will cover how to engage with industry and bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Confirmed panelists are:
Luis Blando, VP of McAfee, USA
Dr. Tobias Rodemann, Honda Research Institute Europe, Germany
Dr. Danil Prokhorov, Toyota R&D, USA
Prof. Yaochu Jin, University of Surrey, UK
Hans Wang, Intel Labs, USA
Please contact the organizer Dr. Catherine Huang ( if you would like to take part in this panel.

6) IEEE N3XT® Entrepreneurship

The IEEE N3XT® Entrepreneurship panel at IEEE WCCI 2018 will help foster growth in start ups and small businesses using machine learning and computational intelligence as a part of their offering. While focused on broad geographic growth, the panel is specifically interested in helping companies in South America at this flagship conference of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. Given the rapid growth of this sector, this IEEE N3XT® panel will facilitate discussion on the difficulties of raising capital, providing solutions to the market, and help take the mystery out of making successful inroads to the machine learning market.
Confirmed panelists are:
Alexandre Bess – CEO LegalBot
Nima Kaz – Founder Institute Brazil / Jupiter Machine Learning
Roberto Lotufo – Professor at School of Electrical & Computer Engineering University Campinas / CTO NeuralMind
Roberto de Marca – IEEE / ModeratorÂ
Flavio Pereira – CEO Nuveo AI / Machine Learning