October 30, 2017

Special Sessions

General Information

Special session proposals are invited to the 2018 IEEE WCCI. Proposals should include the title, aim and scope, list of main topics, and the names and short biography of the organizers.

All special sessions proposals should be submitted to the following Special Sessions Chairs.


CEC-1  Special Session on Many-Objective Optimization
CEC-2  Special Session on Memetic Computing
CEC-3  Special Session on Evolutionary Robotics
CEC-4  Special Session on New Directions in Evolutionary Machine Learning
CEC-5  Special Session on Evolutionary Computation for Feature Selection, Extraction and Dimensionality Reduction
CEC-6  Special Session on Evolutionary Computing Application in Hardware
CEC-7  Special Session on Data-Driven Evolutionary Optimization of Computationally Expensive Problems
CEC-8  Special Session on Transfer Learning in Evolutionary Computation
CEC-9  Special Session on Evolutionary Computer Vision
CEC-10  Special Session on Evolutionary Computation for Service-Oriented Computing
CEC-11  Special Session on Advanced Evolutionary Computation Approaches for Smart Grid and Sustainable Energy Systems

IJCNN-1 Non-iterative Approaches in Learning
IJCNN-2 Special Session on Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods applied to Vision and Robotics (MLDLMVR)
IJCNN-3 Complex-Valued and Quaternionic Neural Networks
IJCNN-4 Special Session on Deep Neural Audio Processing
IJCNN-5 Data Driven Approach for Bio-medical and Healthcare
IJCNN-6 Feature Extraction and Learning on Image and Text Data
IJCNN-7 Advances in Reservoir Computing
IJCNN-8 Empowering Deep Learning Models
IJCNN-09 Spiking Neural Networks (SNN)
IJCNN-10 Deep Learning for Structured and Multimedia Information
IJCNN-11 Cognition and Development
IJCNN-12 Biologically Inspired Computational Vision

FUZZ-IEEE-01 Linguistic Summarization and Description of Data
FUZZ-IEEE-02 Recent trends in many-valued logic and fuzziness
FUZZ-IEEE-03 Fuzzy Models for Data Science and Big Data
FUZZ-IEEE-04 Fuzzy Logic Systems for Security and Forensics
FUZZ-IEEE-05 Fuzzy Brain Analysis and Interfaces
FUZZ-IEEE-06 Type-2 Fuzzy Sets in Emerging Systems
FUZZ-IEEE-07 Fuzzy Systems for Data Mining: data wrangling, machine learning and real-world applications
FUZZ-IEEE-08 Fuzzy Interpolation
FUZZ-IEEE-09 Software for Soft Computing
FUZZ-IEEE-10 Methods and Applications of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
FUZZ-IEEE-11 Interpretable Deep Learning Classifiers
FUZZ-IEEE-12 Handling Uncertainties in Big Data by Fuzzy Systems

CDSS-01 Computational Intelligence for the Automated Design of Machine Learning and Search
CDSS-02 Computational Intelligence methods for Natural Language Processing
CDSS-03 The Role of Computational Intelligence Technologies in Controlling Borders
CDSS-04 Distributed Computational Intelligence (CI) Methods for Data Analytics Over the Internet of Everything
CDSS-05 Computational Intelligence for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology